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 PVP suggestion

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Date d'inscription : 2017-06-13

PostSubject: PVP suggestion   Mon 19 Jun - 22:45

Just wanted to share. There is always no balanced PVP, sometimes there are many lights and few darks or the other way around. So I guess it is really a good idea to have sitters to have balanced PVP rather than PVP is always dead because of unbalanced numbers. Players might get bored and tend to leave this game if there is always no good PVP. Might as well at least have GM's facilitate this PVP's with sitter as much as possible in that way PVP would be non stop and also fun, since this game is all about PVP, without PVP there is nothing really much to do in this game! Just a thought hope you hear it out. Thank you!
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PVP suggestion
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