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 5.4 Evolution

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PostSubject: 5.4 Evolution   5.4 Evolution EmptyTue 30 Oct - 17:14

Hello !

Shaiya Heaven comes back on October 30th, you already know it if you joined our discord server available here : https://discord.gg/9AUs8rv  do it if you didn’t join yet ! When server will be up, staff’ll start to work about an 5.4 episode transition. With this change : Costumes, new maps, quests will appear ! But PvP 30 will dissapear to make born : PvP 60 !!  
So you’ll be able to PvP in 15 / 60 / 80 when it’ll be done, but staff needs some motivation so if there are plenty of players we swear to work hard on it and make it as soon as possible, call your friends to have fun on Heaven and make Shaiya great again !
Furthermore, if you collect some kills in PvP 30 it won’t be delete ! About stuff we’ll act at desired time.

Best Regards,

Heaven’s Staff Team
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5.4 Evolution
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