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Date d'inscription : 2016-12-18

PostSubject: SERVER RULES   Wed 28 Jun - 19:07


Respect, tolerance and politeness are required, provocations is prohibited.
The abuse use of full capital letters is prohibited.
Advertisement for an other server is prohibited.
It is also forbidden to make advertisements for this servers on other private servers.
Reasonable CharName and GuildName are required.
It is forbidden to impersonate a staff member.
Abusive flood in trade is prohibited.
English is the only language allowed in trade and raid chat. It is better to use English also on the shoutbox if you want an answer of the staff. In others chat, you can use the langage you want.


The PvP Boss rules are the same as the PvE boss rules. The raid must be open Unless if the boss is 20% or less
In GRB, reset boss is allowed.


It is forbidden to enter into a guard-protected opponent camp.
It is prohibited to attack a player behind the second line of guards. If there is a single line of guards, it is prohibited to attack behind this one.
It is also prohibited to heal behind the second or single line of guards.
Suicide in the oppositie faction's guards is not allowed.
Suicide in bosses bombes is not allowed.
Dissolve a raid without good reasons isn't allowed.
It is forbidden to kick a player without valid reason. Provocations, insults, inactivity recurring and non-compliance with the /raid are valid reasons only after send a warning in the raid.
It is forbidden to create your own party without valid reason if a PvP Raid is already present.
The auto-join mode must be activated.
It is forbidden to be in a PvP Area with several chars.
The PvP Boss rules are the same as the PvE boss rules. The raid must be open.
However in case of confrontation between two raids of the same faction on the same boss:
- If the boss is on a map where the pvp is active, the PvP raid has priority.
StatPadd is prohibited.
FreeKills is prohibited too, you can't join a raid without making your recrune, lapis, lapisia or gm stats. (Easy and Fast for the intermediary stuff)


Never use the same password as another server, or a password almost identical to your account name or easy to guess !
The majority of cases of "hack" from about a loan of account. It's forbidden to spend his credentials, even a person believed to be familiar.
Accordingly, cases of "hack" are not treated if they come from a loan of account, except for the sanctions.
To give, sale, exchange or loan an account are prohibited. It's strictly forbidden to log and get the equipment to an account of an other player (If the account owner accuses you of hack, you can have an IP ban)
Exchanges are at the responsibility of the players, if you agree to lend your equipment to a player, we do not necessarily intervene if it refuses to return your items.
Players encouraging others to doesn't follow these rules will be punished as well as having committed the offense.
It is forbidden to sell an item or a service from Evasion against any other services that are not in the server.
It is forbidden to buy/sell an item or any service against real money.
It is forbidden to use 2 toons in same time, for pvp, check time boss or others no-fairplay reason.
A kill transfert is only possible for two toons from the same account and same level.


Using Bot (Automation of character) is strictly prohibited.
SpeedHack is strictly prohibited.
It is forbidden to use bugs or decor to protect themselves in PvE and PvP.
All of not officially announced bugs exploit are strictly prohibited.
Any use of external software is strictly prohibited.


GS are volunteers who also give their time to help the Evasion Staff.
They are there to help news players by answering their questions and to enforce the rules.
They are spotted by the tag [GS]_ .
GS players are like any other and must respect the same rules under pain of the same sanctions.


To report abuse, you must have an evidence (sreenshoots or others) so the charge could be consider.
To report abuse you can contact directly a GM or send a Ticket by clicking on "Ticket" menu.
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