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 GM RR+1 for Stats beyond 47

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Date d'inscription : 2018-01-08

PostSubject: GM RR+1 for Stats beyond 47   Mon 8 Jan - 1:36

Hi guys,

I propose the following idea to make the game more motivational:

Adding GM RR+1 for stats beyond 47. The new GM RR+1 runes will be different, and also they can be made rarer in game. I'm thinking something like 1% drop rate from mobs, and 50% drop rate from some bosses.

To be clear, I'm suggesting the GM/ADM add new "GM RR+1"; so in the end, we will have two types of GM RR+1; 1 for stats under 47, and another type for stats beyond 47.

It can even be made like this; individual runes for each stat upgrade beyond 47: "GM RR+1 - 48", "GM RR+1 49" and "GM RR+1 50".

What do you think? My goal is for more motivation for players to farm/pve when not in pvp.

Feel free to add more to this subject Very Happy
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Date d'inscription : 2017-12-29

PostSubject: Re: GM RR+1 for Stats beyond 47   Mon 8 Jan - 11:26


There's an update that is already ready for the 80 zone. We are just waiting the ideal moment to apply it. This update is going to make the 80 zone more attractive in pvp but also in pve. We know that where is no pvp pepole can get bored.

About your idea it seems good and we are going to discuss about it. Also we are waiting for the opinion of the others players about this idea to see if they like it.

Evasion staff,
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GM RR+1 for Stats beyond 47
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