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 Recruitment GS

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Date d'inscription : 2017-07-17

PostSubject: Recruitment GS   Mon 17 Jul - 19:40

Nick : Mirooo(80)
i wanna be GS_Dark_Side

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Date d'inscription : 2017-07-13

PostSubject: qualification to be a [GS]_Husband-[Soul]   Tue 18 Jul - 11:13

My in-game name: [Husband]-Soul-

Age : 19

How much time I can spend in the game each day : I can spend a minimum of 10 hours daily, up to a maximum of 12 hours

Where am I from : Philipines

What does it mean to me being a GS : Being a GS means to be a medium to bridge the gap between players and their unsatisfied hearts, be it their unanswered questions, disputes etc. Apart from that being a GS means that one must sacrifice for the server in order to turn it into a more enjoyable and fun place for players to play in, such as hosting events and out suggestions to the owners of the server to help improve gameplay.

What is your native language: My native language is English/Tagalog

Main toon name: [Husband]-Soul- (Darkside)

My skype : ethan.planas

Think You,
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Date d'inscription : 2017-06-13

PostSubject: Re: Recruitment GS   Tue 18 Jul - 11:16

IG Name: [Rip<3]Azertyy
Age : 17
I can spend more then 5hours/day on the game
GS for me is a normal person who help new ppls and help staff and help players
Language : Arabic/English/French and a bit polanais
Real Name : Louay Dhkar
Im from Tunisia
Skype : Louày Dhkar
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Date d'inscription : 2017-07-24

PostSubject: Re: Recruitment GS   Mon 24 Jul - 4:34

IG Name: Maymanaf
Age : 23
I can spend 3-7 hourse a day
GS for me is simply a person who help others
Language : Arabic,English and French
Im from Tunisia
Real Name : Med Aymen
Skype : maymanaf.
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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment GS   

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Recruitment GS
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