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 Today's situation

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Date d'inscription : 2015-07-06

PostSubject: Today's situation   Thu 27 Jul - 19:25

Hello everyone.

As you have seen for several days, the situation is sometimes difficult, especially in PvP. This is sometimes due to a certain imbalance between the factions, whether for the number or even for the present classes in PvP.

Contrary to what some people seem to say, the staff takes the situation seriously and would like to gather your help to improve the situation. Several solutions were mentioned to us, particularly about FC (something that surprised us, since it is often the same who were not happy with their presence a few weeks ago when it was necessary .. but let's go).

We would like to ask you for your opinion on this subject, but also to gather all your ideas in order to find a stable situation and to offer you a better experience on Evasion. For this we have put a post in place where you can give us your opinion about the solutions to bring that you deem necessary for a return to a certain stability. This post will be closed fairly quickly in order to put things in place fast enough, so we ask you to answer, at best, on Friday the 28th at around 20:00 so that we can start the necessary procedures fairly quickly. ( Click here for the post )

We also want to inform you that an upcoming update comes with some new features (new customizations for example, the arrival of 31 grades and yellow grades, and much more). Do not hesitate to inform us if you have other ideas, within the limit of "possible" of course. Finaly, I recall you that the GS recruitment (dark ) and GM recruitment is still open.

Good evening.
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Today's situation
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