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 Today's situation : your opinion POST

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PostSubject: Today's situation : your opinion POST   Thu 27 Jul - 19:27

This is the answer post related to this subject

Don't hesitate to answer here, thanks for your support!
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PostSubject: Re: Today's situation : your opinion POST   Thu 27 Jul - 20:51

Y'a pas 36 000 solutions, faire des Fraction Change et équilibré la balance. cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Today's situation : your opinion POST   Thu 27 Jul - 23:29

Let's begin with one simple truth that will never change, no matter what server we're talking about.

Shaiya players will never be happy. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you give to them. This is how this pathetic community works, sadly.

I am not very fond of the way this server works. As a player who has been on this community since the beginning of official server until now (that's exactly 10 years since 2007) I have seen servers rise and fall. This one is no different. It will rise, but it will also fall in the future.

That does not mean you shouldn't do your best for it while it's up. So as former admin, developer and player, I will post some things I do not like here.

1. Staff Team

[GS]'s can not contain themselves. The first thing that a player is going to look at when joining your server is the way Staff handles situations. A lot of your [GS]'s are incompetent and useless. No offence to anybody. When you take a role upon yourself, you agree to represent your server. And what I see all the time is certain ones of them making constant drama mostly in the Auction House. I haven't had issues with Fury ones yet. I remember something happened the other day with one of the Light [GS]'s who had an issue with Fury player and constantly trash talked that player and threatened with ban.
*No names will be mentioned since I find that incredibly ugly.

Not sure what your areas of work are, but the first rule when it comes to everything is that the client/customer always has right. It is absolutely the same with gaming. The player always has right. When you see something that you don't like, as a Staff Member, you don't open drama in trade/area/party chat. You take it upon yourself to Whisper the problematic player and solve the issue in a manner that's not "I'll ban you if you don't shut up". That's not how you do it. You see what the issue is, you work on it, you solve it.

2. PvP situation

Every faction has it's ups and downs. Every faction loses, every faction wins. You can not expect to always win in every PvP session. It's normal to lose. The difference is a lot of the people here expect to kill all the time without losing, win every push without retreating back. Well dear players, that's not possible.

Another thing that should never happen on a private server are the Faction Changes. If anybody wants to help both Factions, then they should make two accounts and play. You start interfering with the Faction Changes, you will change people's opinion about the server. Then issues will start.
*"Why did you Faction Change him and not me?"
*"Why did the GM Faction Change people when we are losing?"
*"This side has more guardians, why did you Faction Change this one?"
*Et cetera.

I know that you think sometimes it is needed, but it's not good in the long run. It might be helpful in one PvP session, but it will make your players rely on those Faction Changes and affect your server's health.

3. Skill revamps

There are certain skills that need to be changed. I will start with the class that I play - Priest/Oracle. Etain Shield. The Etain Shield is simply ridiculous. Once Potential Motive activates, you can spam it and pretty much be immortal.

This is the ratio on a full wis priest. Any server that allows this, keeping in mind Deadly Strike hits up to 10k, has something wrong with it. This should NOT happen.

Despite the fact it's the class I play and I wouldn't want to see it nerfed, that is one of the main things that is wrong with your PvP.

Another thing I noticed is Rec/Wis guardians/defenders/rangers/assassins. Yes, they should be hard to kill, but they should not be impossible to take down.

4. Drops and quests

Over all, I believe your system is quite good. It's not hard to gear up enough to be ready to go and PvP right away after 1 hour of farm for some GM Rerolls. If you want to obtain those "special" items, such as Capes/Accessories/Customization Tier II, then you must work for it. Which is quite well managed. No cons here.

5. Advertisement

Your server doesn't have any advertisement. That could be a huge issue when looking to recruit new players. It is true that we are a community where word travels from one player's mouth to another, but you can not just rely on that.

If you'd accept my advice here, I would recommend you to introduce your server on ElitePvPers. Click here

Being part of that community will give you a wider range of players.

I can not think of anything else at the moment so I will stop here. It is up to you if you see my response as constructive criticism or you take offense in it.

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PostSubject: Re: Today's situation : your opinion POST   Fri 28 Jul - 4:00

About pvp :
in light side we dont have enough healer , so plz make some FC. We dont need anything else just give us two or three heals. We can pvp without def, archer , ranger but without healers it's impossible. They are essential for pvp. It's the most important thing for me at the moment. Keep in mind that whitout healers we cant even rush.

Othor minor changes :
-Change the place of jack
-Add more interesting drop on some bosses. Most of the time we need to wait for event to have a decent pvp. Put more interesting drop on sera jack and akula, it'll create pvp.
-Add more CSs
-Add more life in ights stuff.

An other important point :
We need to attract more players. Perhaps by making the rewards of vote more interesting. Or by making some videos. To be honest i'dont really know how to attract new players but it seems to me quite important.

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PostSubject: Re: Today's situation : your opinion POST   Fri 28 Jul - 10:44

i think GM try to back the old Pvp quest system , cz CS's BR7/3dys its hard to find,. and if u allowed to Share rank to all toon in one account. so its mean TK its not necessary. some ppls wants to play all classes , then add Bosses in PVP 80's [mainPVP] change time zone of Events and find GS with knowledge in Game , not only by title ^ ^ !
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PostSubject: Re: Today's situation : your opinion POST   Fri 28 Jul - 16:52

Little thing to say in my situation, I propose simply to return the old quest for item
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PostSubject: Re: Today's situation : your opinion POST   

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Today's situation : your opinion POST
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